General Informations

Side rent a car general information photo

Useful Info:

  • Valid driver licence (for motorbike extra driver licence is required)
  • Daily and long term rental is available. Daily is 24 hours. Weekly or monthly are counted as 7 days or 30 days.
  • Kilometer is free:Rates are inclusive of unlimited free kilometers.
  • Full payment is required by one of the major credit cards Visa, Mastercard at the time of . You can pay cash also.
  • Free delivery and pick-up services is available around Side region. You can take the car from the Airport (for minimum 2 weeks rentals delivery is free) or to your hotel or to your house around Side region.
  • It is necessary to give some city plans, maps, road map and map of Turkey.
  • Child seat is available. For service fees and further details please contact us.
  • Legal responsibilities resulting from traffic violations that occur during the period are charged to the renter.
  • For chauffeur driven service please contact our Travel Agency.
  • Helmet is obligate for motorbikes and bikes.
  • Maximum speed limits:within townships 50 km/h, twin roads 90 km/h. Alcohol limit is 0,0 promil.
  • All drivers are required to have insurance coverage.


Insurance and Accident

For Nar Car it is a must the renters are fully insured by the way law orders and to make insurance offers according to the customers needs. Two types of protection insurances offered by Nar. The first type is mandatory insurance, applied by the government rules that is Third Party Liability Insurance and the second type is the voluntary insurance and waivers which are the Collision Damage Waiver, theft protection, Limited Liability Insurance. We are trying by Nar for the confidence and safety of the guests. In case of accident the client is support to ask for correspondent Police and alcohol report immediately without moving the car from the place of accident, otherwise CDW is considered void. So in any accident the car is full insured with Kasko insurance.

Glas and Tires

Out of accident case, the glass parts, the tires and theft of spare tire are not covered by insurance. This can be waived by 5 €/day.


  • DUR = STOP
  • First aid number(SOS):112
  • Police:155
  • Gendarme:156
  • Speed Limits: - within townships 50 km/h
    - open roads 90 km/h
    - twin road 110 km/h
    - highway 130 km/h
  • Alcohol limit is 0.0 promil.
  • Helmet is obligate for motorbike and bikes.